Lab Created Diamonds

by Amy

What do you know about gia lab created diamonds? I've been reading up on it and it says that they are real diamonds just created in a lab and are much less! There are many articles about the scams in the diamond industry especially after that new movie came out with brad pitt showing how debeers has bought out every diamond mind and that there are childeren being used as slaves mining diamonds. De beers is worried about this because it will effect their business and in fact i just read last night that only 50% of women want the real thing now...get a 5 carat thats a real diamond just created in a lab or a 5 carat thats made in the ground and costs you at least $70,000? Its an attractive choice. And in fact if this continues to heat up it will effect the value of diamonds because diamonds are not rare its just that debeers controls the demand. Let me know what you think thanks!

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Feb 16, 2009
Lab Created Diamonds
by: Anonymous

Here is a very informative article about DeBeers, their control of the diamond industry, and the way they strongly impacted the public's view of diamonds throughout history.
I don't believe that DeBeers deals in conflict diamonds anymore after coming under much international scrutiny

Concerning GIA lab created diamonds, here is another great article about the GIA transitioning to giving their stamp of approval on lab created diamonds that meet their standards. Man-made diamonds cost a tenth of what naturally occurring diamonds cost and even a jeweler would have problems telling them apart. :

A real diamond engagement ring loses much of its value as soon as it is purchased and leaves the store. In my mind, a man-made diamond is a very cost-effective purchase...looks like the real thing, is basically the real thing, but costs much less. Use the thousands you have saved to put a down-payment on a house or fund your 401K. Don't tell the naysayers that your multi-carat bling-bling is not a naturally occurring diamond, and they will think you have spent a mint and you can laugh all the way to the bank

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