Kay Engagement Rings: Every Kiss Begins With Kay....

Kay Engagement Rings: Have you heard the jingle “every kiss begins with Kay?” and replayed it over and over in your head. Not on purpose or anything, it just sticks with you? Phew, I’m not alone then. Somehow, despite this powerful jingle, I’ve managed to get away with never owning a piece of jewelry from Kay. If my husband ever decided to present me with something from Kay, I’d be fine with it.

Kay has a decent sized selection of solitaire, three stone rings, and bridal sets. Kay rings range in price from around $300 to $13,000. Most of their rings are simple in appearance and not overly ornate...hence, they are minimalist engagement rings. A Kay engagement ring would probably be best for someone with very traditional or conservative taste. The majority of their rings appear to be set in14 K yellow or white gold. For those looking for a center stone other than a diamond for their engagement ring, Kay offers a variety of rings with stones such as rubies, sapphires, pearls, tanzanite, garnet, opal, and amethyst.

Kay’s apparent claim to fame is that they specialize in being an authorized dealer of the “Leo Diamond.” I’m not quite sure why they make such a big deal about the Leo diamond…. On their website, they claim that it is “the very first diamond to be independently measured and certified for its superior brilliance.” I have no idea what that really means but it sure sounds nice.

Kay has a 90 day return policy, so if you surprised your woman with the ring, and god forbid she hates it, you have three months to get that sucker back to them and either exchange it for one she likes or get your money back.

One of the best things about Kay is their lifetime guarantee. If anything happens to your engagement rings, under qualifying circumstances, they will repair the damage or replace the stone. However, you must be conscientious and have them examine the ring and stone every six months, in order to maintain your rights to this guaranteeYou can bring your ring in for a free cleaning at any time…that’s important as getting it professionally cleaned can be pricey.

Say you happen to come into a pile of money and can afford a much bigger diamond. Kay will allow you to trade in your original engagement ring for its purchase value, if you buy a ring that costs twice as much. And isn’t always nice to upgrade and supersize, whenever life permits!

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