America is Obsessed with Katie Holmes Engagement Ring and Marriage to Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes engagement ring is an enviable solitaire diamond that is absolutely exquisite. The Edwardian style, oval-shaped ring weighs in at about 5 carats and features a delicate pave-setting. The marriage proposal took place at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris in June of 2005. Ironically, Katie Holmes reported that as a little girl, she dreamed of marrying Tom Cruice. However, the stunning ring and seemingly romantic coupling was probably overshadowed by the many events that preceded the engagement.

Just to roll out a few: speculation that the couple got together as an ultimate publicity stunt to promote their blockbuster movies; reports that Tom Cruise considered dating four other high-profile actresses before settling on Holmes; couch-jumping-antics on the Oprah Winfrey Show; Tom's blunt opinions about psychiatric medications;

The proposal was also overshadowed by the events that ensued: purchase of a sonogram machine; The birth of Suri, the little TomKitten that was born out of wedlock; comments about placenta eating; the seclusion of Suri after her birth; an over-the-top, scientology wedding that took place in an Italian castle with tons of A-list celebrities in attendance.

America watched in wonder at the highly public, whirlwind Tom-Kat courtship, birth of their daughter Suri, and luxurious wedding. Will the ring stay on her finger till death do them part or wind up at an expensive auction at Sothebys. Only time will tell.

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