Jennifer Love Engagement Ring and Wedding: Jennifer Love is in Love.

Jennifer Love Engagement Ring and Wedding: Jennifer Love is in love. Ms. Love-Hewitt got engaged to her man, Ross McCall. The couple is currently celebrating their engaged status in Hawaii. Ross is an actor, best known for his role on Band of Brothers. The couple met in January of 2006 and hit it off immediately. The two fell head over heels for each other when Ross appeared as a guest on her tv show Ghost Whisperer. In an interview with People magazine, Jennifer discussed how her relationship is going so well with Ross because it comes so naturally and they don't have to work at it. She also described their coupling as "healthy" and "right." With chemistry like this, their marriage will be off to a good start.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is best known for the television series "Party of Five" and "Time of Your Life." She has also been in the films "I Know What You Did Last Summer," "The Tuxedo" and "Garfield." She has received much male attention for her bodacious bod which Jon Mayer described as "a wonderland" in one of his famous tunes. Her sweet, girl-next door personality also won her many female fans as well.

Unfortunately, we don't know too many details about Jennifer's engagement ring or wedding plans. They haven't even set a date yet. What we do know is that the ring is stunning and that it is an antique heirloom that has been in Ross's family for over 100 years. Jennifer Love Hewitt showed off her new engagement ring to the press while shopping in Toluca Lake, Calif.

Leave it to the press to put a dark cloud on a wonderful event. Jennifer seemed to receive more press about her "flaws" photographed on her bikini clad body during her Hawaii getaway than her upcoming nuptials. The movie star retaliated with statements of her own, emphasizing that she was perfectly content with her body and to heck with the press.

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