Jenna Bush Engagement Ring and Wedding Plans

Jenna Bush engagement ring and wedding: Oh the politics! George Bush is finally getting some positive press in the news, as everybody loves to hear about engagements and weddings. And Ms. Jenna Bush has found herself a fiancé named Henry Hager. Not too much is known about the ring at this point, but it’s speculated that it is a rather modest antique filigree ring with several stones. Jenna is also benefiting from the positive publicity as her name was somewhat unfairly smeared in the press, when she did some under-age partying in her undergrad years. Who doesn’t party hard in undergrad?

The couple became engaged on August 15 of 2007. Henry did it the old-fashioned way, by speaking with the President in-person and asking for his permission to marry his daughter. Talk about a scary talk!!! Asking the president of the U.S. to marry his little girl!! Henry must be a pretty brave dude. The couple met when the two worked together on the president’s 2004 re-election campaign and have been an item ever since.

Henry Hager is a 29 year old MBA student at the prestigious University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. Prior to attending business school, Henry worked for the Karl Rove and the commerce department. Henry comes from some serious lineage: His father is the former lieutenant governor of Virginia. Jenna is a teacher at a charter school in DC and is about to go on a book tour promoting a children’s book that she and her mother co-authored. The acknowledgement section of the book gives props to her fiancé, referring to him as: “my patient Henry.”

No wedding date has been set. This lucky girl could potentially have her wedding in the white house. How could you possibly top the white house as a place to hold your wedding? You can’t. Anyway, the last presidential daughter to wed in the white house was Tricia Nixon in 1971.

There has been some speculation as of late that Jenna is pregnant, which has prompted the engagement. I think the rumor mills have just run amok and I really don’t think this is the case. However, a baby born in-wedlock would certainly put a nice closing to the Bush presidency.


Jenna Bush and her man are to marry in W's Texan ranch house in May. They decided they wanted the affair to be a bit more private and intimate. It's not the white house, but I'm sure it will be fabulous

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