All About Jeff Cooper Engagement Rings

Jeff Cooper engagement rings are created to be classic and timeless in that they are designed to still look stylish when you are sportin' it forty years later. After visiting his website, I would describe his engagement rings as simple, clean and modern. The rings typically are not overly embellished and he has one and three stone designs. Check out Jeff's line of men's wedding bands which are sleek looking and intended for the ultra modern man. Jeff seems to be with the times and he also has a line of gay engagement rings and committment bands. The rings are mostly sold off-line through authorized dealers.

Just to give you a little background on Jeff, he worked in New York City's famed diamond district for years and saving up his money, Jeff's vision in the 70s of creating his own jewelry line materialized through hard work. Many years later, his son, who graduated from the Gemological Institute of America has also joined the family business. The Coopers have won industry awards for their platinum designs

Jeff's lines include: Octoprong - a unique setting for your engagement stone; Lattice - which has flowing lines; Heirloom - a collection where the past merges with today- it is one of his most popular collections.

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