Jackie Kennedys Engagement Ring and Jewelery Collection

Jackie Kennedys Engagement Ring and Jewelry Collection: There are not enough words to describe one of the most memorable lady’s in United States history. We now fondly refer to her as Jackie O, and she is remembered mostly as the beautiful young bride of the United States thirty-fifth president. When one calls her image to mind, we see a beautiful woman with poise, grace, and flawless style. There were many women that tried to emulate the way that the First lady dressed and wore her hair.Jacqueline was married twice and received two magnificent engagement rings. John F. Kennedy proposed with a ring that his father actually selected. This incredible ring consisted of a 2.88 carat diamond mounted next to a 2.84 carat emerald and tapering baguettes. The ring was reset with round diamonds, totaling 0.66 carat, and marquise diamonds, totaling 1.46 carats, in 1962. The second ring is probably the most well known of Jacqueline’s jewelry pieces, but also it was worn the least. Aristotle Onassis presented her with a 40 carat marquise Lesotho III diamond ring when she agreed to marry him. The diamond was one of eighteen diamonds cut from the 601 carat rough diamond, the Lesotho, which was displayed at both the Smithsonian and the Museum of Natural History in New York before being cut into eighteen different diamonds. Rumor has it that Jacqueline only wore the ring two times and then had it locked up in a New York bank vault.

Jacqueline’s flawless sense of style did not just include her clothing; it also extended to her extensive jewelry collection. She preferred big, colorful necklaces and bracelets from Van Cleef & Arpel. Her jewelry collection consisted of but is by no means limited to the following:• A 47 carat Kunzite stone bordered by twenty round diamond. President Kennedy bought this for his beautiful wife, however, due to his untimely death he was not able to give it to her.• A Cabochon ruby and diamond pendant with matching clip earrings that were a wedding gift from Aristotle.• A 17.68 carat ruby ring.• A Cabochon ruby necklace.• A pair of dangling Cabochon ruby earrings.• A lovely amethyst necklace that had graduated drops.• A pair of red tourmaline briolette earrings that were suspended from amethysts.• A 19th century cabochon garnet flower brooch.• A fascinating small scarecrow pin in gold with gems.• A double strand black stone necklace. Jacqueline wore this piece the day that her husband, John F. Kennedy, announced his candidacy for president.

While the above list in no way represents the vast collection that Jacqueline owned, it is representative of what she was accustomed to and represented her wonderful sense of style and beauty.

Many brides of today are modeling their wedding day appearance after the beautiful Jackie O. From her simple but elegant style of dressing, her classically beautiful hair style, to her lavishly gorgeous gems, Jackie O is the look that many woman, bride or not, desire. In today’s high tech world it is easier than ever to search a vast variety of stores to find inexpensive look-a-like items, especially jewelry items that resemble hers.

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