Inspired Engagement Rings: You Can Have the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams At An

Inspired engagement rings are typically inexpensive reproductions of celebrity and designer rings. Your best place to find these ring is often online. Did you ever see an engagement ring and wish that instead of seeing it on someone else’s hand, that it was actually on your own? Celebrities and the very wealthy can afford to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on engagement rings and get the very best when it comes to carat size, clarity, cut, and color. The rest of us can wear something very similar but spend much less by getting a reproduction of the ring. Many websites offer inspired engagement rings. They typically use inexpensive metals and stones such as silver and cubic zirconia, to get the look for a fraction of the cost.

Some of the very popular inspired engagement rings that you can find online are:

- The 1.85 princess cut engagement ring that Harry proposed to Charlotte with on Sex in the City

- The Tom Kat engagement ring aka Katie Holmes engagement ring: a classic oval shape diamond in a pave setting, resulting in a whirlwind marriage and Tom-kitten offspring

- Paris Hilton’s 24-carat emerald cut diamond ring. (I don’t even remember which rich greek heir she was engaged to)

- J Lo’s engagement ring from Ben Affleck: A six carat pink diamond. Maybe pink diamonds are bad luck. Now they are both married to different people

- Nicole Richie’s art deco pink sapphire and diamond engagement ring… a small token of affection from her one-time fiancé, DJ A.M.

- Catherine Zeta Jone’s 10-carat antique marquise diamond bestowed upon her by her man, Michael Douglas.

You should be forewarned that it is hard to pass of a 6 carat cubic zirconia inspired ring as if it were the real thing. So if you get a replica of an outrageously sized diamond ring, know ahead of time that a lot of people will be questioning the authenticity. If this doesn’t bother you or you are just wearing the ring for fun, then by all means, show it off with pride.

Inspired jewelry often extends to replicas of signature engagement rings produced by expensive designers such as:- Tiffany & Co: Their classic solitaire diamond

- Harry Winston: Their large pear diamond rings

- Chanel: Their ultra modern enscripted bands

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