Confused by the 4 Cs&Terrified at the Thought of Purchasing an Engagement Ring?

We know how you feel. My husband spent months looking for the most beautiful and unique engagement rings at a semi -affordable price. He went to numerous retail stores, read countless books, and surfed the internet endlessly until he found a beautiful Ascher-cut diamond that didn’t entirely deplete his bank account.

On Valentine’s day, he surprised me with a beautiful ascher cut ring from Blue Nile:and made me the happiest woman alive when he asked if I would be his wife.

Have no fear! Your search for perfect and unique engagement rings does not have to be so painful and exhausting! In this website, we will share with you the wealth of information that Joel accumulated in his research so you can:

• Save Time

• Learn the diamond basics so you can be an informed consumer

• Discover the array of ring choices available and narrow down to the right one for your woman

• Find out the tips that will conserve your hard-earned money

• Find a ring that will be treasured by the two of you for years to come