Ideas For an Engagement Ring

by Kraig

Hi there! I was just wondering if you had any ideas for an engagement ring. I already know how I'm going to propose and all of that, but I just don't really know anything about them. Thanks! I really appreciate it!

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Jan 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

Great comments... I agree platinum is definitely worth every penny. When I began looking for a ring about a year ago, I did my due diligence, asking everyone I knew that was already married and friends in the jewelry business for their advice. The unanimous consensus was: if you want lasting quality, go with platinum. I knew I wanted to find a ring with a special story behind it and had noticed my girlfriend's love for vintage and antique things. The antique rings I saw were more classic and beautiful than most modern pieces (although it's your preference). I will note, going with an antique, if you shop around, can be more cost effective for higher quality materials. Many rings come set in platinum, you can find high quality diamonds, more intricate work and overall, I find antique to really be breathtaking. I think it's interesting to have a piece of something from such a long time ago. My wife loves!

Dec 04, 2008
Mom's Advice
by: Anonymous

I have been in the market for an engagement ring for a few months. After countless visits to multiple jewelers, the consensus has been a platinum band and either a cushion or round cut diamond. I was very skeptical and thought I was being persuaded.

However, the more I investigated on my own, the jeweler's claims seemed to be true. I never knew platinum had so many attractive qualities aside from aesthetic appeal. It is extremely rare, one of the purest and most precious metals, and wears wells with a high level of durability. (This is great, since my girlfriend is so hard on her jewelery)

I was sold when I finally went to my mom for advice. Her original engagement ring was made of yellow gold. She said that she disliked the fact that it looked aged over a short period of time and felt weightless "not of a certain quality."

A few years later, my great aunt left my dad her engagement ring for my mom, which she has worn ever since. It is a really pretty platinum band with diamonds set all around. She says her ring has only become more beautiful with age. She has never had a stone fall out. I knew I wanted to purchase a piece that would stand the test of time, as I saw how meaningful my aunt's ring was to her, and now to my mom after all these years.

I have narrowed my search down to three rings I found on this site.
Great source... you will find a credible list of designers and rings (this was a huge help).

Choose a ring with the qualities that you feel will be most meaningful. Congratulations! Hope this helps...

Dec 02, 2008
My experience with ring shopping for my wife..
by: Rich

I bought my engagement ring a few years back and ended up choosing an antique-style platinum one. My wife is quite active so I chose platinum for the obvious reasons (extremely rare, pure, luxurious, etc..), but also because I needed something that could endure the wear and tear that of her lifestyle. The ring is extremely durable, but it's also malleable enough so that if you need it to be restored at all, it's quite easy to do so.

I did a large portion of my research online and was lucky enough to come across a simple chart that breaks down the different types of precious metals and how they pair up with each other. Basically, platinum holds its own over all other options, but you can check it out for yourself if you want a simple, clear look at the fundamental differences between popular options. Link -

I ultimately ended up buying online ( after sifting through dozens of different ring designs. I'd attach a pic if I could, but you can get an idea if you go online there and check out the selection of rings they have on there.

For me, the diamond was an obvious choice, but I really had to research what metal I wanted the "rock" placed in. The first thing that "sealed the deal" for me was that platinum, better than all other precious metals, holds gems most securely. Last thing I'd want happening is the core of the ring to be lost, not to mention my sanity. That fact, along with how rare plat. is (I believe it's 30 times rarer than gold), pretty much sold me on the ring I chose. It also retains its color (doesn't tarnish) and is hypoallergenic. My wife isn't severely allergic to gold, but I remembered her telling me when she was younger and got her ears pierces, that her ears were extremely sensitive to gold and silver. I know that's eons ago, and a piercing is much different than simply wearing something around your finger, but I didn't want to take any chances.

Can you tell I've done my research? I have infinite praises about the ring I got my wife.. and platinum, of course. Hopefully this advice will help you out a bit during your search for the perfect ring. Everyone deserves the best!!

Nov 05, 2008
Engagement Ring Ideas
by: Elizabeta Jewelry

It is hard to determine your girlfriend's style, but if she is a conservative dresser and she likes silver toned jewelry, perhaps a vintage style ring would be something you might want to consider. They are a classic choice that never go out of style. If you were to decide on a vintage style, you still have many options in terms of stone shape. The size of the stone is entirely up to you and what you want to spend. For some ideas, check out

Nov 02, 2008
by: Kraig

She is definitely a more conservative clothes wearer. She usually wears silver necklaces, but she also has some gold things. One other thing i was noticing, is that there are a LOT of different kinds of cuts for the ring. What would you suggest? Also, how many karats do most people get? She's not going to want a big ring, I do know that, but that's about it. Thank you for everything else so far!!!

Nov 02, 2008
by: Anonymous

Hi Kraig,
Congratulations on taking the next big step in your relationship. When
considering rings, take into consideration some of the following factors:
- Does you woman typically wear silver or gold jewelry? If she wears mostly
silver, you may want to consider white gold or platinum for the band. White
gold is much cheaper than platinum but requires more maintenance over time.

- What kind of taste in clothing does your woman have? Unique?
Conservative? Flashy? If she's conservative, you may want to go with a
traditional ring... a simple band with a center solitaire diamond. If she
is flashy, the bigger the diamond the better...consider a pave setting
(diamond encrusted band) with a larger center diamond. If she has unique
taste, maybe consider getting her something vintage an
asscher cut diamond with a funky setting and band.

- Finally, what is your budget looking like? The average guy spends around
$3,000 on an engagement ring...although don't feel pressured to go by this
figure. Buy what you can afford without breaking the bank. For around 3
grand you can probably get a 1 carat diamond ring...maybe less depending on
where you look (online stores are typically cheaper than retail stores. My
favorite online store for diamonds is Blue Nile..where my engagement ring is

Let me know if you want more specifics :)

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