Helzberg Engagement Rings Are Part of a Long-Standing Family Business

Helzberg Engagement Rings: Helzberg Diamonds is a family-run company out of Kansas City that has been around for over 90 years (founded in 1915) and eventually caught the interest of Warren Buffett, arguably the greatest investor there's ever been; so, Helzberg is now part of the legendary Berkshire-Hathaway family. Malls and mail-order along with strong advertising and branding have always been what drove Helzberg into mass appeal; but the company is committed to providing exceptionally exquisite diamond engagement rings and other diamond-set jewelry within the moderate price range that they cater to. Helzberg is "thee" place to go if you insist upon a traditional diamond engagement ring.

Excellent designs, signature brands, a wide array to select from, and superior customer service all at reasonable pricing are what Helzberg is known for. Helzberg's reputation for affordable classic quality has allowed them to open over 270 stores throughout the United States. Helzberg has been expanding its business via the Internet in the last few years, too. In efforts to expand its market in the face of stiffer competition from other diamond ring merchants in online jewelry shop on the Internet and other competitors who have risen over the last near-100 years, in 2007 Helzberg Kansas City marketing and communications company Barkley as their lead creative and strategic partner, to handle strategic planning and creative duties including television and radio among others.

"Barkley's work is extremely relevant to our target customer and we are excited to partner with such accomplished professionals right here in our hometown of Kansas City," said Joyce Hrinja, who is SVP Marketing at Helzberg Diamonds.

"We share their passion for the category and look forward to showcasing the core values that have made Helzberg a trusted jeweler since 1915," said Brian Brooker, CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Barkley.

Helzberg's typical engagement rings are made of platinum, white gold, or yellow gold. Inserts, wraps, and colored gemstones as accents for the central gem are widely used in addition to their famous certified diamonds. But, they also offer plenty of channel and cluster style rings and custom designs and settings, too. And just in case you can't afford or aren't even wild about diamonds, Helzberg offers engagement rings set with rubies, tanzanite, onyx, aquamarine, pearls, pink tourmaline, and peridot. These stones, too, may be the accent gems used to set a central diamond into sharp, glittering relief.

Helzberg offers special Bridal Sets as well as the classic solitaire rings, and they will custom-set loose stones for you. Typically, Helzberg customers want round, princess, or marquis cuts for their set diamonds. Helzberg engagement rings run anywhere from $300 to $3,000.

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