Are You Lucky Enough To Get An Heirloom Engagement Ring Passed Down To You?

Heirloom Engagement Rings: An heirloom engagement ring generally indicates that a young couple would like to emulate the special significance of another family marriage. Many parents or grandparents, enjoy passing on an heirloom engagement ring to bring blessings and good fortune upon a new union in marriage. However, the difficulty lies in which ring to choose that will represents both sides of the family. This decision might become an emotional issue so you have to decide if wearing an heirloom engagement ring is right for you and your fiancé. Engagement rings are wonderful heirlooms to pass on to family members. But ultimately it is up to the bride-to-be to choose whether or not she would like to wear an heirloom engagement ring.

There are many types of heirloom rings that may be used as engagement rings. The heirloom engagement ring could be re-manufactured using another piece of jewelery that has been in the family for generations. If both sides of the family of the affianced would like them to have an heirloom engagement ring, crafting a new ring using heirloom gemstones is a good option to overcome any emotive issues. An heirloom engagement ring does not necessarily have to be a typical engagement ring; it could also be an heirloom anniversary band, antique ring or ring of any other description.

If the bride does not like the heirloom engagement ring regardless of which side of the family it comes from, this might cause problems. Also to be considered is, if there is a sibling who would also like to wear an heirloom engagement ring. In this instance the ring could be spilt and the setting given to one sibling while the other makes use of the stone. An heirloom engagement ring does not only signify the love of a couple for one another, it is also representative of the acceptance from the family offering the heirloom. It is also not correct to simply assume that the heirloom engagement ring will simply be given to a couple, the owner of the ring many not want to part with it, so tact has to be engaged when requesting the use of it.

An antique ring will mean that you will be instantly wearing an heirloom engagement ring. It does not necessarily have to be passed on from mother to daughter. These rings may be passed on from further back in the family history, for instance a great-grandmother. Wearing a ring that symbolizes a deceased family member has particular value and significance also. Sentimentality does play a part in choosing an heirloom engagement ring and the ring that has a closer personal connection for the bride-to-be is the best route to take. For instance the bride-to-be will have a better connection with a ring that she has seen in her mothers’ jewelery box, than she will with a ring that the groom has grown up admiring. It is vital that the bride-to-be likes the ring. It would be an exercise in futility trying to get her to wear an heirloom engagement ring that she does not like, and besides that it would be unfair and is hardly the best way to start off a marriage.

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