Heidi Montags Engagement Ring: A Saga Worthy of Reality Television

Heidi Montag’s Engagement Ring: Reality television is full of beautiful people but one of the most talked about has to be Heidi Montag. Heidi first gained national exposure on the MTV reality show Laguna Beach, which followed the lives of Lauren Conrad and other teenagers living in the Orange County, California community. Heidi took center stage during the show’s spin-off series, The Hills, which followed Conrad as she moved to Los Angeles. Although Heidi appeared in only a couple of episodes of Laguna Beach, it was enough to make her a main cast member of its spin-off. And it was on the set of that show that she met Spencer Pratt. The two dated throughout the show’s second season and the season finale even included her moving out of Conrad’s home and moving in with Spencer. This change clearly put a strain on her relationship with Conrad and moved the show’s focus off just Lauren and onto how the two former best friends were dealing with the divide.

In May 2007, Heidi and Spencer seemed to be taking their relationship to a new level by announcing their engagement. Spencer presented her with a gorgeous ring from Ice at Brentwood Gardens where they went shopping for the ring earlier in the day. The ring’s platinum band is encrusted with diamonds. Instead of a traditional diamond, Heidi chose a pink stone for the ring. The engagement took place on a Monday night at the Bacara Spa & Resort in Santa Barbara. Spencer went very traditional wit his proposal: he even dropped to one knee.

Unfortunately, the joy of the engagement was short-lived. Less than a month later, reports were beginning to surface that the engagement was a fake – a publicity stunt intended to net some cash for the couple. According to some reports, the couple was able to earn $30,000 just for posing some photos and sharing the story of their “engagement” with one tabloid. Although those criticisms may seem harsh, the engagement – real or not – didn’t last forever. Instead of setting a wedding date, the couple broke up in front of their audience on the season finale of The Hills in December 2007.

While the public break-up should have been the end of the story, Spencer has been very outspoken about his desire to rekindle the romance and maybe to continue the engagement. He may be getting the chance he’s been wanting. Reports surfaced in June 2008 that the couple had recently taken a secret trip to Mexico together. During the trip, Spencer read passages to Heidi from the Bible and supposedly they both exchanged their feelings of love. Don’t start planning for an MTV wedding special yet though. Heidi isn’t convinced that Spencer’s feelings are from the heart. She claims to be waiting for some bigger prove of his feelings – something beyond a gorgeous engagement ring. Whether the couple will ever become re-engaged (or engaged for the first time) or married remains to be seen, but there’s no doubting Heidi has great taste when it comes to rings.

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