Hearts of Fire Diamonds Will Set Your Wallet Ablaze

Hearts of fire diamonds: Now, perhaps no diamonds get people's fires burning like these gems.

Hearts of Fire are sold as loose diamonds and intended to be custom fitted into a ring. They bill themselves as "the world's only perfect cut diamonds" and, simply, the best there is. Fittingly enough, they also carry the heftiest price tag for a diamond that you could ever hope (or, hope not) to pay.

Are Hearts of Fire diamonds beautiful, exquisite, full of fire and lustre, and top-notch in every way across the Four C of the diamond board? Absolutely. This is unquestionable.

Do they deserve to call themselves the merchants of the most perfect diamonds in the world and charge the concomitant world's highest prices for their diamonds? That's dubious at best.

But we must never underestimate the power of marketing and branding. Hearts on Fire spends exorbitant amounts on these things, and it pays off--and it also makes the customer pay more, since like all businesses they embed the costs of their market campaigns into their products.

Even certified gemologists who work in jewelry stores have been known to conclude that there's no other diamond like a Hearts of Fire diamond. Well, if that's the case, then doesn't that seal the deal on their one of a kind "perfection"?

Are all doctors equally qualified, just because they all have a license? Are all scientists certified geniuses? Do all professionals in all professions always agree, and never make mistakes? We know that the answers to all these questions is "no".

Hearts of Fire have actually used legal action to protect their claim of being the world's "only" perfect cut diamond against competitors who talk about having their own perfect, or ideal, cuts. This is a sad commentary. No one merchant has a patent on perfect cut diamonds; that's an elite level of lapidary skill that all can strive for regardless of who their employer is.

Then there's the matter of the huge sales commission built into the price of HoF diamonds along with coverage of the high marketing and branding costs. Gemologists employed by HoF or stores that carry their diamonds have an incentive to use all of the tricks of their trade--such as backlighting--to make the HoF appear to have more fire and deeper color than even another ideal cut diamond placed alongside it. If they even go so far as to make a side-by-side comparison. It's easy for them to play upon the ignorance of gemology of the common person, so that whoever can afford to pay the steep price will decide that their diamond engagement ring just has to have a HoF in the center.

Now, to be fair, does HoF have anything going for its cuts? Well, it seems to be the only diamond producer in the world cutting diamonds at 100x-magnification (which requires the use of technology developed by NASA).

But does that equate to the world's best ideal cut diamond--"perfection"? Well, remember, Hof has lawyers that will sue any other company that tries to claim, in its own way, that it too has "perfect" cut diamonds...even though other such companies exist. Hearts of Fire has indeed won FTC protection for its trademarked claim of "World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond", but that is protection of its first-of-kind marketing and branding. That does not mean its claim is valid, only that nobody else is allowed to market its diamonds with any claims or branding that come too close to that.

According to Edward Czarnet, an Accredited Senior Appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers, "I see thousands of diamonds and the only difference in the HoF diamond is the brand name. It's pretty amazing to see people actually testify to 'greater brilliance' etc., as it illustrates how profoundly the brain can be influenced by effective advertising. The Kaplan cut diamond was probably the template for the brand name revolution in diamonds but wise shoppers are well advised to recognize the difference between hype and substance."

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