I Hate Heart Shaped Engagement Rings: It's Total Diamond Discrimination

I hope I'm not offending anyone by saying that I think heart shaped engagement rings are ugly. I used to wear rings with hearts on them in middle school, thus I connect heart shaped rings to a typically horrifying period in most anyone's life. Plus, the symbolism of a heart shaped engagement ring lacks creativity. We already know you're in love, if your wearing an engagement ring. At this point, your woman's not only got your heart, but your savings account, freedom, and body, mind, and soul. You're whipped. No need to let the world know this with a big, cheesy heart.

Don't get me wrong...there are plenty of heart-shaped diamond admirers. Some would say that the heart shape is the most romantic of all the diamonds. In fact, Joan Collins received a heart shaped engagement ring from her husband.

Hearts can either be wide or long. They are brilliant cuts, meaning they have a 58-faceted design. They are most similar to pear shaped engagement rings (another diamond shape I'm not fond of) but have a cleft at the top. When looking to purchase a heart, make sure the top arches are symmetrical in appearance. Assymmetrical hearts will look more like pears. When looking at other women's ring fingers, you won't see too many hearts. Hearts are less typically found in an engagement ring setting and more commonly seen in earrings or pendants. I will say one good thing about heart shapes: that they cost around 20%-25% less than round diamonds.

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