Aloha: All about Hawaiian Engagement Rings

Hawaiian engagement rings may be appropriate for those who feel a strong connection to this beautiful Island. Whether you're from Hawaii or just planning on honeymooning there, these rings may be the perfect pick for you and your woman.
Hawaiian heirloom jewelry dates back to the 19th century when Princess Lili'uokalani and Queen Kapi'olani attended an event in England where Queen Victoria presented them with gold bracelets engraved with their names in black, antique lettering. The Princess loved the bracelet so much that she had her Hawaiian jewelers make similar pieces for her.

A trend was born on the island, and the heirloom style grew in popularity. The trend grew to include pendants, rings, earrings, etc. and was futher embellished by local artisans with engravings of Hawaiian flowers, designs, and personalized inscriptions. They may be studded with gemstones and inlaid with attractive metals. Heirloom rings are typically wide and made of yellow and white gold. There are many jewelers in Hawaii who make rings by hand versus most engagement rings which are manufactured in a nameless factory. With Hawaiian engagement rings, men and women typically wear matching rings....I know... I know... this isn't for everyone. The man's band is wider than the woman's for a more masculine look.

Also popular in Hawaii are gold rings featuring designs of flowers such as roses, and orchids and studded with gemstones and inlaid with various metals.

Check out some of the titanium Hawaiian engagement rings at Titanium Rings As the name of the store suggests, the rings are all made of titanium. The rings have various engravings etched in blue and black, of flowers, abstract patterns, and Hawaiian words. Some of the rings do sport some gemstones as well. To sum it up, they look pretty sweet. The Hawaiian rings range in price from $200 to $450. The only downside is their return policy which involves a restocking fee.

Also check out the Hawaiian engagement rings on ebay. As Hawaiian engagement rings are somewhat hard to find a large variety of online, Ebay will probably offer the greatest selection. Make sure to take appropriate precautions when purchasing jewelry on Ebay. Read my article about ebay tips for buying jewelry.

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