Harry or Tiffany

by Colette

Which would you buy? Tiffany & CO round brilliant solitaire 1.02-FVVS2, excellent polish/symmetry, etc. or Harry Winston 1.00 GSI2 same details? I have the opportunity to purchase both pre-owned and just cannot decide. I think the HW is iconic and would hold it's value for upgrading or resale purposes but don't know enough to decide. I just want the best for my money. Both are the same price. Thanks

You really can't go wrong with either ring...they both sound beautiful and both Harry Winston and Tiffany are stellar brands. Harry Winston definiteyl has more exclusivity associated with their company, so if you are looking for a little more panache, go with the Harry Winston ring.

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Aug 02, 2011
by: Diamond SA

The Tiffany has a slightly better quality and a bit more in carat weight as well.

Since they are both Hi-end brands get the better quality ring for better re sale price, also ask for the GIA certificate to verify the quality and make sure the laser inscripted number matches the certificate.

Dec 30, 2010
reselling the diamonds?,
by: Anonymous

then , buy them both

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