Gothic Engagement Rings....In Love with Tainted Love

I'm hardly the authority on gothic engagement rings, but back in the day, I hung out on the the fringe of the goth crowd for a short period. I went through several months in a haze of charcoal eye-liner, fishnet stockings, and listening to the Cure......but I digress.

Gothic engagement rings can range on the spectrum from classy to shocking. It's whatever you's your engagement ring. You may want to go with a somewhat more traditional ring if you must hide your gothness during your average 9 to 5 job. If your gothness pervades every aspect of your day, then go all out and get whatever your dark heart desires.

Check out this website: Dragonweave Jewelry for some ideas for gothic engagement rings: Some of the rings to check out are the

- Life and Death Ringband: A polished pewter ring band with reversible script. In one direction the gothic lettering reads "life" but if you turn it over the same word reads "death". A startling reminder of the relationship between these two powerful opposites. How appropriate for the coupling of two individuals till death do them part

- Deus Et Natura Ring- This gothic ring symbolizes the triumphant harmony of Nature and The Creator. The solid bronze central band reads "Deus Et Natura No Faciunt Frusta", which is Latin for "God and Nature do not work together in vain." The pewter edge inscription adds "Nature will always win through."

If you want something more pricey/classy, check out Fay Cullen engagement rings These rings have a bit of a goth feel to them but won't shock anyone. Just like goths though, these rings are uniquely beautiful

Is a gothic engagement ring not enough? You want the ceremony and reception to be goth as well? When planning your gothic wedding, check out this cool website: Gothic Martha Stewart Weddings:

It has all sorts of info about everything from goth engagement rings to goth wedding invitations to goth flower arrangements

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