Flush Settings for engagement Rings

When looking for an engagement ring, have you considered the flush settings for engagement rings? This is also sometimes referred to as burnish settings. Well you may want to consider this unique ring. The gemstones in the setting are all even with each other and placed level into the metal without making it less likely to lose any stones out of your ring. The metal the ring is made out of is beveled at the rim with the diamond or other metal flush against the top and set at an angle of forty-five degrees. There are no tool markings on your ring and it is polished for maximum shine. The stones are set down into the metal used to make the actual ring.

Originally jewelers frowned on this design, however now they view it as a modern alternative where they are free from the constraints that are found in the prongs, grouping and channel walls of other rings.

Like traditional settings there are embellishments that can be done to flush settings to make them all the more appealing to the eye...for instance, with Scatter set engagement rings these place the stones in random positions throughout the ring. Some have even used birthstones in the ring to add to the over all look.

Yellow gold, white gold and platinum bands can all be used for the creation of flush settings for engagement rings. There are even the possibilities of using titanium or tungsten for the men's rings. Multi tone rings can even be achieved by combining metals to make the band that the stones are set in.

The largest stone is the focal point and other stones are set around the focal stone. Emeralds, sapphires and even aquamarine can be used in place of or along with diamonds. While colorless diamonds are the normal choice for an engagement ring the addition of colored diamonds, pearls, gemstones and even a ring with no stones at all allow the bride to show her individuality.

Engagement ring prices will range from thirty-five hundred dollars to well over five thousand dollars depending on the choice. Before deciding on this setting it is important to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages before purchasing since you already know the designs embellishments and sizes of the stones that may be used in the flush settings for engagement rings.

Pros and cons of choosing flush settings for engagement rings have to be considered when making the choice. The pros are that it provides protection and gives the ring a clean, modern look. The disadvantage of this setting is that you can not use fragile or delicate gems due to the fact that they are pushed down into the metal of the ring itself. Then there is the matter of cost. This flush settings for engagement rings run into a higher cost than prong or bezel settings. The biggest disadvantage is that if the stone is not firmly set into place it may come loose causing you to lose the stone out of the setting.

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