Fit and Look of Engagement Ring and Wedding Band?

by Michelle

My engangement ring is a bit different from the usual ring, b/c when you put the wedding band on the ring, they do not sit flesh to each other.....the engagement ring is not flat on the sides, it has two pieces that come out a little, and so when the weddign band is put on next to it, it doesn't match up together like a puzzle piece... I hope you understand what I am talking about, if not I can try to explain again..... My question is do you think this looks bad, or do you think that rings should fit like a puzzle piece?

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Mar 02, 2009
Fit and Look
by: Anonymous

Hi Michelle,
I understand exactly what you are describing with your engagement ring and wedding band not sitting well together on your finger. This can happen when an engagement ring and band were not purchased together as a set and so were not neccessarily designed to snugly fit aside each other on your finger. You have a couple options:

- You can still wear them together anyway.... how much is the look of the slight separation of two rings bothering you?
- You can visit a specialty jeweler who can make some modifications to the rings so that they fit better together.
- You can wear your engagement ring on your left hand and your wedding band on your right hand.
- You can buy another wedding band that more snugly fits your engagement ring and then wear the extra band underneath the two (if there's room on your finger) or on your other hand

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