Fergies Engagement Ring and Wedding : Absolutely Fergalicious

Fergies engagement ring and wedding plans: Fergie, the sole female member of Black Eyed Peas is engaged to be married to Josh Duhamel. In a recent magazine interview in Jan of 07', Fergie joked about how she and her man were not thinking of marriage anytime soon and were practically engaged anyway. Low and behold, 11 months later, news of the couple's engagement was revealed to the public on Christmas day. Josh Duhamel is best known for his work on the tv series Las Vegas.

L.A.-based hip-hop trio Black Eyed Peas started out desperate to show the world that not all West Coast rappers were about sex, drugs and money. Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas have enjoyed world-wide success since their breakout album Elephunk in 2003 selling approximately 27 million singles and albums The group has collected numerous awards including 3 Grammys.

Fergie and Josh have been together for three years. For right now, the singer is keeping quiet about the intimate details of the proposal and wedding plans. The rumor mill reported that the couple were checking out ranches in Cali for possible weddling location sites While Fergie wants to try and keep certain details private, she couches this by saying she has a big mouth and doesn't know if things may eventually slip out. From what I can tell from pictures of her ring, the diamond is fairly small by Hollywood standards...perhaps around 2 carats. The ring is simple with no ornate embellishments and appears to be a plain platinum band

While life is golden right now things haven't always come so easily for the talented beauty. At one point in her life, Fergie battled meth addiction and had to attend rehab. On a lesser but perhaps more embarrassing note, the singer was photographed at one of her concerts all wet around her pants......the singer later acknowledged that she had wet herself on stage. Hopefully, she won't make that same mistake when she is at the altar :)

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