Fay Cullen Engagement Rings Offer One of a Kind Antique Pieces

Fay Cullen Engagement Rings : (www.faycullen.com) is one of the biggest antique jewelry websites in the world. They sell a very large amount of vintage, antique, and estate engagement rings, partially due to their highly competitive prices. They sell their jewelry in dozens and dozens of different countries.

Fay Cullen have been around online since 2001, although they have been a company for over 25 years, and they've expanded their business every year since then. Fay Cullen herself is a high-powered entrepreneur. The company uses a feature called Priority Viewing that gets sent out on the first Tuesday of every month to more than 10,000 of their database entries all around the world in order to keep getting more inventory as they seek to get 100 to 200 new jewelry items in stock each and every month. In 2005, the company bought up a big office in North Miami and they started getting requests from couples to stop in and see some of their inventory in person. Now the office is open for visits by appointment every weekend, and their selling rooms have since been hung with antique tapestries and curtains, bronze statues, drawings, and paintings from the 1700s. A visitor enters through a romantic, dim-lighting vestibule and appropriately accompanying music.

Fay Cullen pride themselves on hiring only those people whom they consider to be the best and brightest in their respective jobs. They take everyone in their organization seriously, from the Purchasing Department to the Gemology Department, from Photography to Customer Service. Even their Sales Department is staffed by people who have extensive experience in the jewelry field--they don't hire generic salesmen. The company prides itself the most on integrity, and if you are looking to buy from them you'll find that their sales team members have been trained in the importance of customer satisfaction, and they'll do all that they can to make your buying experience memorable and a pleasure as they steer you toward the right purchase to meet your particular needs and desires.

They do everything for themselves (and therefore for you) at Fay Cullen, Inc.:

*Calculate diamond weights*Grade diamonds*Identify colored stones*Gold testing*Choose replacement stones*Organize repairs for the jeweler, pearl stringer, and gem setter*Send out watches to their watchmaker*Identifying, weighing, and grading every stone*Use a Colorimeter to determine the exact color of a diamond*Writing appraisals

This is a top-of-the-line company. If you are looking for an antique or

vintage engagement rings pay these guys an online visit. And if you're going to Miami, stop in and see them.

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