Want to Wear Diamonds Like a Celebrity? Find Out More About Famous Engagement Rings

Famous engagement rings bring out a mix of emotions typically jealousy, envy, and desire. If you're anything like me, you're intrigued by celebrity gossip and want to know who's buying and wearing what. Here's a breakdown of some of the most ridicululous large, sparkly, and colorful engagement rings worn by famous names.

Really Big Rings

Richard Burton who married and divorced Elizabeth Taylor on two separate occassions, bought her a 69 carat pear shaped, Harry Winston stone. Yowsa! Liz decided it was just a little too large for a ring and had it made into a necklace. After the dissolution of the marriage, Elizabeth later sold the $500,000 sparkler in order to fund a hospital in Botswana.

Michael Douglas proposed to Catherine Zeta-Jones' with a 10-carat antique marquise diamond engagement ring.Not to be outdone, the couple invited scores of A-list celebrities at their lavish million dollar wedding.

Apparently, Eva Longoria's engagement rings has 248 diamonds and took a painstaking 116 hours of labor to make. The ring is set in white-gold with a tiffany prong design and weighs in at a meager 5 carats.

Britney Spears got not one but two engagement rings with her marriage to Kevin Federline. Each ring had over four carats worth of bling.

Carrie Underwood rose to prominence as the winner of American Idol in 2005, but recently it has been Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring – not her voice – that has been gaining massive attention.

Perhaps the biggest talking point of all when it comes to Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring is the price – a price that has led to many people questioning whether spending that much on an engagement ring really is worth it!

This young woman did not often see eye to eye with Britney, although they seemed to put their differences aside as they got older. Christina Aguilera is all grown up and sportin' a beautiful engagement ring.

Check it out here.

The stunningly sexy singer/actress Beyonce Knowles broke many a man's heart when she secretly got married to rapper Shawn Corey Carter (aka "Jay-Z") on April 4, 2008. Her wedding was simple but her ring was over the top

Jessica Alba is known as one of Hollywood's hottest young stars. Know she's got a big rock and a baby on the way to boot. Check it out here.

This star not only had had big engagement rings...she's worn at least four different ones on her ring finger. Check out Jennifer Lopez's engagement rings

What happens when you marry a billionaire? You get an enormous engagement ring. Check out Melania Trumps engagement ring

This British pop star invaded the U.S. with her soccer hubby and blinded the U.S. with her ring finger bling. Check out Victoria Beckham's engagement ring.

Although the marriage didn't last, there's no denying that this singer's ring is gorgeous. Check out Jessica Simpsons engagement ring

We will keep our fingers crossed that Ashley Simpson will have better luck in the marriage department than her big sis. With a baby on the way, it looks like she and Pete are in it for the long haul.

Another singer who hit it big in the bling department is Ms. Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. Check out Fergalicious's ring.

This songbird had her ring scrutinized and compared to the ring her hubby gave his ex-fiance. Check otu Mariah Carey's Engagement Ring.

The lucky girls from Grey's Anatomy have been getting hitched left and right. Take a look at Katherine Heigl's engagement ring

Mixed Gemstone Rings

Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson's rings created a trend for famous engagement rings with precious gemstones. IN 1981, Prince Charles gave Lady Diana Spencer a sapphire and diamond engagement ring while Prince Andrew proposed to Sarah Ferguson with a ruby and diamond ring.

American Beauty star Mena Suvari had her birthstones, amethysts and citrines in her engagement ring, when she married cinematographer Robert Brinkmann. The stones were set in an asymmetrical design around a gold band. Unfortunately the couple filed for divorce after five years of marriage.

John F. Kennedy gave his future bride Jacqueline Bouvier a 2.88 carat diamond and emerald engagement ring from Van Cleef & Arpels.

It was the biggest wedding of the decade and one of the biggest talking points was Kate Middleton’s engagement ring – so what are the finer details surrounding it?

Heidi Montag's first engagement ring from Spencer Pratt (unfortunately it seems like she'll get a second one from him) was a large sapphire.

Antique Rings

Antique style rings have become very popular with celebrities. Madonna was presented with an Edwardian platinum three-stone diamond engagement ring by her now hubby, Guy Ritchie

Ryan Phillippe gave Reese Witherspoon a four-carat Asscher-cut, antique style diamond ring from Neil Lane.

Country singer LeAnn Rimes wears a 5-carat antique cushion-cut solitaire

Jennifer Love-Hewitt recently got engaged with an heirloom that has been in her beau's family for over 100 years

John Stamos gave Rebecca Romijn-Stamos a vintage four-carat Boucheron wedding ring.

Dario Franchitti gave Ashley Judd an antique cushion-cut diamond in a pavé setting.

Chris Robinson, rocker from the Black Crowes, gave actress Kate Hudson, a 5 carat Asscher-cut diamond in an Art Deco mounting by Neil Lane.

Not much is known about this famous presidential daughter's ring yet, but it is said to be antique-looking: Check out Jenna Bush's engagement ring

Unique Rings

Gwen Stefani's engagement ring and wedding were one of a kind and so is her marriage to Bush frontman, Gavin Rossdale. From her jewelry to her style, Gwen Stefani is always on top.

What's unique about hot, playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson's engagement ring, is that her hubby, Hank kept the purchase local and picked it out in a jewelry store in his hometown

Giselle's Engagement Ring: The only thing that could make you more jealous that Tom Brady is being taken off the market for eternity.....is the beautiful ring that he placed on Giselle's finger. This five carat yellow diamond, flanked by two triangular diamonds, is breathtaking.

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