Eva Longoria engagement ring is making many girls desperate with envy.

Eva Longoria engagement ring is making many girls desperate with envy. While her romances haven’t quite worked out on the big screen, off-screen, things are really heating up for this soon to be, real-life wife to Tony Parker.

Eva Longoria’s engagement ring is an emerald cut beauty custom designed by Jean Dousset. Dousset has worked for French jewelry shops for the last 10 years and will soon be designing his own line. He has recently opened up his own workshop and divides his time between Paris and L.A. Other celebrity clients are said to include Barbara Streisand.

Apparently Eva’s ring has 248 diamonds and took a painstaking 116 hours of labor to make. The ring is set in white-gold with a tiffany prong design and weighs in at a meager 5 carats  It is estimated that the ring cost half a million cool ones. The reknowned jeweler apparently fashioned the ring after Eva’s personality…feminine, yet very loyal, loving and strong. Tony liked the personal touch of hand engraved wedding rings Thus, A personal message from Tony is enscripted inside the band. The enscription was actually done in the likeness of Tony’s handwriting…. Hopefully it’s a romantic-looking scrawl. Unfortunately, the contents of the message are private, so only Eva, Tony and perhaps God know what is written within the band. Eva first showed off her ring on a VH1 special.

For those who know nothing about sports, Tony Parker is a basketball star with the San Antonio Spurs. Eva met Tony about two years ago, in the Spurs’ locker room. Eva likes them young, as Tony is approximately 7 years her junior. Following one of his games in November of 2006, Tony flew into L.A. and surprised Eva with the ring and proposal. The couple is going to tie the knot this summer in France.

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