The Endless Loop of the Eternity Engagement Ring Represents Everlasting Love

Eternity engagement rings are a stylish and classy way to enter into holy matrimony together. Eternity rings have historically been given as anniversary bands, worn in addition to engagement and wedding rings. But you know what? You can wear them any way you want. They can be worn alone, instead of with a traditional engagement ring, or with a wedding band, or with both.

When not given as engagement rings, eternity bands are often presented for a special marriage anniversary year. They are also given as gifts for overcoming major obstacles in a relationship or as "push gifts" which is in layman's terms, a present for giving birth. There is really no right or wrong time to present your love with an eternity ring and it's guaranteed that she will appreciate one, no matter the occasion.

While diamonds are most frequently seen on eternity engagment rings, other gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc. can be used as well.

A full eternity engagement ring has diamonds completely surrounding the band while a half eternity engagement ring has diamonds surrounding only half of the band, centered around the front of the ring. Half eternity engagement rings may be more popular then full eternity engagement rings because they cost quite a bit less....the math shouldn't be too complicated...less diamonds = less money. Also, full eternity engagement rings cannot be resized, which can be a problem depending on how much an engagement ring finger expands and shrinks throughout one's lifetime. One advantage to the full eternity ring is that as no matter how much the ring rotates around one's finger, the diamonds will always show.

Square and oblong stones are often used with eternity engagement rings, because they don't interrupt the continuity of the flow of diamonds on the band.

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