What girl can resist taking a look at engagement rings in bride magazine ?

Why are little girls and adult women alike, drawn to look at engagement rings in bride magazine? I admit it, I've done it myself.... and for some reason it pains me to disclose this.

I've always leaned more towards the practical side and have never been one to indulge in fantasies of a huge diamond ring complete with lavish wedding and dream, starter home. Looking through a bridal magazine

also seemed to somehow be a weird betryal of my women studies major in college. Like my professor would disapprovingly cluck that I was buying into mass consumerism and society's messages about what women need to make them happy. But I digress...

All this aside, bridal magazines are a good way to get some ideas about the kinds of engagement rings that you like. They often feature many different engagement ring designers and big, glossy spreads of diamond sparklers. As you look at the pictures, remember to keep your budget in mind, and recognize that some or even many of the high-end designer and expensive engagement rings rings will be out of most couple's budgets.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox. Check out some of the following mags:

Martha Stewart Weddings : Not even a stint in prison could tarnish Martha's rep in the wedding industry. Martha is still all about putting on classy, elegant affairs and her magazine is one of the most popular ones available. A $16 yearly subscription will get you four issues chock full of all kinds of good stuff.

Modern Bride:Modern Bride emphasizes mixing wedding traditions with contemporary times. At $12 for 6 issues, you really don't have much to lose. Check out the website brides.com for more information about the mag Modern Bride as well as Elegant Bride and Brides

Southern Bride : Having lived in the South for a few years, my impression is that it appears Southern women are quite particular when it comes down to the details of their nuptials. They want everything to be just right. Southern Bride caters to those wishing to have a wedding which incorporates southern trends and traditions. They publish two issues a year and you can also download the mag directly to you computer, at a substantial savings.

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