Should I Buy the Rings Together as Part of an Engagement Ring Wedding Band Set? How will I Make this Big Decision?

Lets get down to basics. An engagement ring wedding band set consists of the central engagement ring and a coordinating wedding band. Not too difficult to comprehend, huh? However, one of the key decisions you may be faced with when ring shopping is whether to buy the engagement ring in isolation or as part of a coordinated set. There are pros and cons to each approach.

One of the nice things about buying the engagement ring in isolation is that it helps in cutting engagement ring costs. You’ve just plunked down, say $3,000 for the ring and you need to pay next month’s rent. Paying another $1,000 for the band may leave you homeless and forced to live in your parent’s basement indefinitely…. If you have a year-long engagement, than you have a whole year to save up money for the wedding band. Of course, as the wedding date approaches, you will eventually have to make the purchase of the wedding band

If you do end up buying the rings in isolation, consider buying an engagement ring and wedding band that are made of the same metal (i.e. gold, white-gold, platinum, etc.) and share the same gemstones. (i.e. both the ring and wedding band have diamonds and blue sapphires). In this way, you will get a more coordinated look.

There are a number of advantages of getting the rings together as a set. First of all, engagement ring wedding band sets are designed so that the ring and band fit perfectly together. This won’t necessarily be the case if you buy the ring and band separately. I’ve seem some really bad mismatched engagement rings and wedding bands out there. Take notice of women and their ring fingers, and you will begin to see the bad combos yourself. I’m sure their guys had the best of intentions, just not the best taste and judgment in ring shopping. Second of all, if the ring and band that you purchased separately, don’t fit together nicely, it may cost a mint and be quite a hassle, to get them professionally altered so that they do.

Another advantage of buying engagement ring wedding band sets is that they are usually more cost efficient. By purchasing the rings together, you are often given a discount. Sometimes engagement ring wedding band sets even include a ring for the groom, in which case, you get all three rings at once.

Here are some additional points to consider. If you are buying engagement ring wedding band sets, think about whether the two rings must be worn together in order to look good, or if you are able to wear them separately if you desire. Some engagement ring wedding band sets were made to be worn together, so wearing them apart may look awkward. If you enjoy playing around with the look of your jewelry, and may want to wear the rings on separate fingers, make sure that you can do so by getting an engagement ring wedding band set that looks good both together and apart.

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