Find Out Which Engagement Ring Stores Everyone is Flocking to for Rings

With such a vast array of engagement ring stores available to the everyday consumer, how can one possibly narrow down the choices and make a decision about where to purchase their engagement ring? Time and research are your friends and will guide you through this messy maze. Below, I will review some of the largest national retail jewelry stores that you are most likely to find in your hood’.

A typical mall jewelry store rings up 1.2 – 1.5 million dollars a year in sales. Unfortunately, as the retail stores takeover America, the mom and pop stores have to close up shop as they find it hard to compete..

Let’s start with Zales. What lucky person can get through Christmas or Valentine’s Day without hearing a jingle from this retail giant? Zales Corporation owns 2,300 stores throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico and has been around since the 1920s. They own a variety of stores including Bailey Banks and Biddle, Gordon’s Jewelers, etc. Its world headquarters are located in Irving, Texas. Bailey Banks and Biddle is where their higher end jewelry is sold.

Come see the softer side of Sears…. Located directly in their jewelry section. Sears isn’t just for dudes looking to pick up a lawn-mower or some hardware. Sears has some robust jewelry sales. A quick look on their website shows simple engagement rings as low as $200

Here’s a surprise! Your local Walmart and Kmart sell gazillions of dollars worth of jewelry each year. While not the most romantic place to say you got your engagement ring from, you can make up for any embarrassment in the dollars you save. Plus, you can always tell a white lie and say it’s from some trendy boutique in Manhattan. Make sure to have a snooty made-up name/area of the city where the ring was purchased…. Like MaKat Jewels (combo of Walmart + Kmart) in the Lower East Village.

You may not have heard of Sterling Jewelers but you’ve probably heard of their stores, Kay Jewelers and Jared. All in all, they own 1,307 stores located throughout the U.S. Jared is cool in that they offer complimentary beverages in their store and even have a play area for the little tykes. How thoughtful. Jared seems to offer a wider range of jewelry than Kay both in merchandise and pricing.

Tiffany & Co Jewelry is located in more high-end shopping malls. Everything about Tiffanys is classy from their regal doorman to the beautiful blue bag your purchase is enclosed in. Unfortunately, high class usually comes with a high price.

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