Get the Ring you Want and Dropping Engagement Ring Hints

Well, here's one for the ladies. You are sure--at least reasonably--that you want to get married to your current boyfriend, and you therefore want him to propose to you and get you an engagement ring. You want a nice engagement ring, of course--one that reflects who you are, one that is aligned with your tastes, one that symbolizes your love. can you make sure your man doesn't get you something too gaudy...or too subtle...or too much like a cigar band?

There are ways of hinting about the ring you want. These are tried and true ways of making the right suggestion in the right way, depending on the circumstances.

For starters, there's always the blatant way: "randomly" leave open web pages on your computer that show the ring(s) you would want; just so happen to leave open bridal magazines showing pictures of prospective rings; make him bookmarks out of pictures of your ring choices. This approach works if: you know exactly what you want and your heart is set on it; you are very confident that he is ready to commit to you. If you show him pictures of rings before he wants to think about it, he might be driven away. And if you aren't absolutely sure what you want but go showing pictures, you could likely end up with something you don't really want, because he thinks you do. So know the risks of the blatant approach.

You can always go shopping together for your ring. You can pull this off either by just telling him to take you shopping for rings, or you can "just so happen" to drop into a diamond ring store when you go shopping together at the local mall and let the salesman "convince you" to try some on. Now, if you don't care about surprises and, once again, want what you want, this is great for you. But, men can have a sense that they are supposed to go shopping for your ring by themselves, and without your knowledge. If he's one of those, this approach can still work, as long as you don't try to close the sale that same day--let him get ideas and then go back by himself in the future.

Maybe he has been coming to you for hints about what to buy you in an engagement ring. Yet, you still want some element of surprise and you're too shy to tell him what he should be buying you. Talk to your sister (or brother) or a close friend who he wouldn't suspect of anything if they hung out with him shopping. Tell them what you want; let them "just so happen to mention to him" what you want when they "just so happen" to get together to go out or shopping with him.

Do you find your man to be tasteful and creative? If so, tell him ideas about what you want--what kind of metals, what kinds of gemstones--but then, drop it. Leave it up to him to go out and find something that will make you even happier than you could come up with if you told him the exact model to buy. This is highly romantic for you and will make him feel proud.

And, speaking of being creative, what if you both are, and you are sure this is more than your future mate, this is your soul mate? Why not custom design your engagement ring, and your wedding rings, together? These can be the ultimate in personalized expression, and the creative process and discovery process can be more rewarding and more romantic than any traditional surprise offer from him.

Just know yourself and know your man before you decide upon any course of engagement ring suggestion action.

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