Ring Presentation is Everything, Whether in an Engagement Ring Box or Otherwise

Have you contemplated whether you will present the ring in an engagement ring box or are you considering other creative tactics? Proposing marriage is a pretty big deal, so it is best to put as much thought into this as possible. Hence, not to add any undue pressure, but you should probably come up with something pretty darn good.

Engagement ring boxes aren't for everyone. One of my friends recently got engaged, and her fiance tucked the ring into one of those Jack in the Box antenna balls, with a string attached to the ring. The night of the proposal, he asked her to pull on the string and as planned, out came the engagement ring. As she was recovering from the shock of pulling a diamond ring out of a Jack in the Box antenna ball, he popped the question.

Not all marriage proposal ideas go over as well. There have been some cases where some poor guy has hidden an engagement ring in a piece of dessert or in a glass of champagne, expecting the girl to immediately notice, upon biting into the piece of chocolate cake or taking a sip of the bejeweled champagne. He then got the shock of his life as several months of his salary went sliding into her stomach. Let this be a lesson learned. Feel free to get the creative juices flowing (no pun intended) but do exhibit some care in the delivery.

There are some websites that will specially design a unique engagement ring box for you to put the ring in. Check out the website: http://www.gtcreations.com The artisan handcrafts beautiful boxes from different kinds of wooden veneer pieces. She uses a style of woodworking referred to as marquetry, whereby she combines different veneer pieces to form designs. You can have your box customized with personalized phrases or pictures. As you might imagine, this kind of custom work does not come cheap, to say the least. A lot of leg-work and planning is also involved... you have to pick out a design and mail it to the artisan well in advance of your proposal date as she needs time to create your box.

But don't worry too much...Often times, the engagement ring you purchase will come with a nice enough looking box. This is how Joel proposed to me. He bought the ring from Blue Nile which came in a rich mohagany box. Of course I didn't say yes right away...... I was too busy kissing him :) He had to pull me away and ask me for a definitive answer, as if my actions weren't enough. And of course, I responded with a resounding "YES!"

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