Engagement Ring and Marriage proposal idea

by JAW

Ok so here's what I'm thinking...I've got a good friend who does excellent work. She's going to custom design an engagement ring for me...here's what I'm thinking (sorry, no pics avaiable):

Palladium Band, w/Tension mounted, Oval centre diamond, somewhere just over 1ct (cut: Good, clarity: Vs2+, Colour: G+ with a strong florescence), around the centre ring will be a cluster of 12 smaller diamonds on each side in a pyramid shape (3/2/1), finally along the ring band there will be three gypsy mounted stones (2 diamonds and 1 blue saphire in a row, ie - diamond, saphire, diamond).

Orginally I was going to get 18ct white gold, but will go with palladium for obvious benefits, also this is a custom ring, so I might as well go totally unique and get something that not many have (yet...!).

Anyways, as for the engagement, we're renting a boat in late September and I figure we will dock at a port en route where I know of a very good spa. I will send her for a spa treatment first thing in the morning, petacure/manacure/facial/massage, and during that time I will tidy-up, prepare a nice lunch with some martinis and pick-up some fresh flowers...she'll be back around noon and we'll enjoy a nice lunch and (hopefully) I'll keep the flowers hidden away...a few drinks in the afternoon and some cruising around the lake. Late afternoon

we will start to get ready for dinner and I'll exchuse myself to the upper quarters and will task her with some work in the kitchen to help prep dinner, likely though she'll just enjoy the sun (hopefully) and a couple martinis...I will have pre-printed individual pages saying "I love you April" one page for each letter and will affix them to the upper deck, wherein I will ask her to come up and give me a hand...as she climbs up the ladder she will see the message and I will help her up and get into a quick speech about when we first met, why I love her and our joint goals for the future...then down on one knee followed by: "April, these are a few of the reasons I want to spend the rest of our lives together. I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?". After the hopeful acceptance, we'll have lobster and steak on the grill, wine, fruit and champagne...

Of course, I'll be asking her pops for permission before hand...which after 5 years of dating and now co-owning a house together, I'm not worried about...lol.

So whatcha think? Any comments, suggestions or revisions will be helpful. I'm mainly looking for a second opionion as I don't want to ruin her big day by asking her friends or colleages if this is appropriate.

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