Engagement Cluster Rings

Engagement cluster rings have really started to become popular in the last few years, but what are the factors that are causing this surge in popularity?


What Are Engagement Cluster Rings?

Engagement cluster rings are simply a certain style of engagement ring that can be bought – a style that has many different features that people seem to be loving at the moment! Essentially, engagement cluster rings are rings that divide the amount of stones in the ring up, so instead of having one large stone – most usually diamond – there are several smaller stones, which makes for a stunning look; a look that is being preferred by more and more people looking to get away from the more garish solitaire rings or other more prominent styles.

Engagement cluster rings have been created for many, many years and have always been popular – it is just that they are now more popular than ever! Some of the world’s oldest jewelry companies, such as Cartier, have produced stunning engagement cluster rings since their inception and the detail that can be found on them is amazing. The different patterns formed by the diamonds is also something that many people love, as it means that the ring can have a more individual touch to it, instead of simply being one diamond (something that doesn’t give much room for creativity)!

Why Are Engagement Cluster Rings Becoming Popular?

Perhaps the biggest reason for the increase in popularity of engagement cluster rings is the current economic climate – a climate in which people can no longer afford to spend huge sums of money on engagement rings. This is because engagement cluster rings are a lot cheaper than standard rings, due to the fact that a number of small stones will cost less than one single stone of comparative size. The price is by no means an indicator of the quality of the ring though – it is simply a great way of getting your hands on a diamond ring for a fraction of the cost!

The other main reason for the popularity of engagement cluster rings is that they look great! With all of the small stones glimmering and refracting light on to each other, they provide a much more spectacular sight than a regular ring – and therefore gain many more admiring glances. Every girl wants people to admire the new engagement ring that she has just received, and buying engagement cluster rings will certainly ensure this. This is even truer when diamonds are used and when the diamonds are all of great quality. If they are all G in color and have a clarity of SI1, then they will look amazing!

As can be seen, engagement cluster rings are both affordable and beautiful at the same time. They are becoming more and more popular due to this reason and jewelers will soon realize that they can price them higher and higher. For this reason, you should get out there and buy one as soon as you possibly can!