Edwardian Engagement Rings: Vintage Perfection

Edwardian Engagement Rings: The Edwardian era was known as the "Gilded Age" and although this was a very short period in time, only 1901 - 1910, it is known for being one of the most beautiful jewelry creating periods ever acknowledged. Designs were completely unique in the style of the jewelry and the cut of the stones. The Edwardian period coincided with the era of Art Noveau and was shortly before Art Deco. The Edwardian style of jewelry design is said to have been a translation of feminine lace into diamonds and platinum. Certainly, if you are a lover of all that is feminine and delicate, a period piece Edwardian engagement ring would be perfect for you.

Although the giving of a ring as a sign of betrothal appears to have originated during Roman times, by the 15th century it had become increasingly popular, and diamonds had become part of this ritual. The emergence of platinum as a precious metal in the Edwardian era had a great deal to do with the influence on jewelry design and Edwardian engagement rings definitely function as an esteemed token of love.

Edwardian engagement rings have a very distinctive style that places them worlds apart from any other antique engagement ring. Not only was there an almost exclusive use of platinum, white gold and silver rather than gold, romantic scrollwork such as vines and hearts woven into intricate designs were incorporated with birds, flowers and bows. Stones, called accent stones would surround the entire surface of the ring, often incorporated in the sides and the complete band together with intricate patterns. In actual fact Edwardian engagement rings were considered to be diminutive works of art.

Edwardian engagement ring designs regularly incorporate large, prong set center stones and traditionally shaped diamonds as well as diamond pave. These are heirloom pieces as their value is generally know to continually increase in value.

Antiques such as genuine Edwardian Engagement rings are in great demand, however it is difficult to find authentic vintage pieces. One of the best places to find genuine items such as these would be at estate sales and auctions, but his is rather difficult going. There are a number of online stores who offer genuine Edwardian engagements rings and it is far easier to go online than trudge from estate sale to auction and not be able to source what you are looking for.

Fay Cullen is online and they offer some really amazing Edwardian engagement rings that are the genuine article. However Fay Cullen engagement rings are highly sought after items and inventory turns over quickly.

Because of the fact that Edwardian engagement rings generally have a significant amount of diamonds used in them, they are of high carat weight. So is very hard to find a genuine piece for under $6 000. Prices for highly sought after pieces go for as much as $10's of thousands of dollars, and notably, Madonna wears an Edwardian engagement ring.

Modern replicas are available and one reputable line is the Tacori line, while these are really beautiful replicas of Edwardian engagements rings with far more favorable pricing, they are not quite the same as the genuine article.

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