People currently use ebay to purchase all sorts of items for their nuptials including ebay used engagement rings

At my wedding, I wore a beaded white strapless dress. Guess what? It's from ebay. Yes, I purchased my wedding dress, based on a picture and written description from ebay. Amazingly, the dress fit perfectly and I received hundreds of compliments from wedding guests on how beautiful the dress looked. (okay, the dress was a little snug and I had to squeeze into it...but it was definitely worth the massive savings)

Is Buying an Engagement Ring on Ebay Tacky? Is it tacky to purchase things for your wedding on ebay? Well, perhaps the jury is still out on that. Is it cheaper? Heck yeah!! Had I purchased my dress from David's Bridal along with with all the additional accessories (i.e. tiara, special bra,

etc.) it would have cost me close to $1,000. Instead I got it for about $150. If I choose to resell it, I may recoup close to that value......... Looking at it this way, I basically have a free dress. I also purchased wedding favors, decorations, and a runner far below retail cost on ebay.

Is Purchasing an Engagement Ring on Ebay Safe? As with any large purchase you make, you must always be extremely careful. There are a number of things that you should look into if you consider purchasing a ring on ebay. Below, I have mentioned a few things but this is certainly not an exhaustive list. Take your sweet time when purchasing on ebay and do not make any impulse buys:

- Look at the number of items that a person has sold, combined with the amount of feedback they have received. A person who has sold a number of items with 99% positive feedback is more ideal. Look at the actual comments that people have written about this seller. Positive feedback is a start but not everything...... it is possible to manipulate/fake this, and it is not a foolproof system.

- Also look at the types of items a person has sold. Has someone sold lanterns for two years and than switched just recently to selling engagement rings? That may raise a question or two.

- Look closely at the picture...... is it blurry? Are they trying to hide something?

- What about the description of the item? Is it lifted straight off of the designer's site or is it more personal in nature? Does it seem honest regarding the rings features and flaws? Is it detailed enough? If not, are you able to get your questions fully answered by the seller? Be wary of any seller that doesn't answer your questions.

- Clarify the condition of the ring that you are purchasing. i.e. the quality and characteristics of the stones, the type of metal, whether it has been worn before, etc. Make sure all appropriate paperwork is included with the ring!

- Clarify the return policy. Can the item be returned if you are not satisfied?

- Pay either through your credit-card (and thorughly check on their policy for fraud/insurance claims) or Paypal (which offers some protection up to a certain dollar limit, but with limitations as well). Either method isn't foolproof. It takes time and effort to get your money back........ if you even are able to prove that your claim is legit.

-After you buy the ring, I would have it independently appraised to make sure you ended up with the ring that you believed to be purchasing.

- If it sounds too good to be probably is. ie. Tiffany and co engagement rings selling for $25.

Check this link to learn more about buying ebay used engagement rings safely.

Will purchasing a ring on ebay bring bad karma?What about the sentiment behind a used engagement ring? Will the bad karma from a marriage gone wrong or an engagement that ended abruptly ultimately haunt your marriage? To me this is not something that would keep me up at night. If I see a good deal, I ignore the history and go for it. However, if you are the type to be extremely bothered by thinking of the negative origin of the ring, than I suggest you shop elsewhere.

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