Dragon Engagement Rings Are Mystical And Fanciful

Dragon engagement rings are symbols of energy, fire, power, wisdom, and serenity. They may also symbolize wildness and a free spirit. The rise of Fantasy literature and role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and World of Warcraft in the last 50 years have made people highly aware of dragons again, after they lapsed from their ancient glory in the West when they became associated with evil and sinful, forbidden things because of the Judeo-Christian tradition. (Even J.R.R. Tolkien, who loved dragons and helped make them high profile again, made them evil in the 'Lord of the Rings books because he was a Christian.)

Dragons also faded away for awhile because they were seen as "unscientific" to the West (they were rarely evil and never "unscientific" in the Orient). But because they are such deeply embedded spiritual archetypes in our psyches, they couldn't be suppressed forever. What's a more perfect place, then, to embody the dragon than on an engagement ring?

Choosing dragon engagement rings would primarily be for couples who go against the grain, such as those who refuse to use "politically correct" language and "love it loud" when it comes to music, although dragons can be loved and worn by anyone. The dragon engagement ring would symbolize not just energetic and fiery passion, but also the confidence and strength of the individuals' personalities--qualities that can make for a strong bond. In the context of an intimate relationship or marriage, dragons might also be symbols of strength, fidelity, protection, longevity, sexual potency, good luck, wealth, prosperity, and loyalty, all of which are desirable qualities. Of course, the dragon engagement ring may just mean you love Science Fiction and Fantasy art and literature!

Dragon engagement rings are usually sterling silver engagement rings or made of pewter and not gold, as the darker colors go with dragon spirit more than gold ("evil" dragons are thought to be hoarders of gold, too). Also, those metals can be worked thicker at affordable prices than gold can be, and dragon rings are usually thicker to accommodate elaborate designs and maintain the image of strength and endurance. However, dragon engagement rings can be custom-designed from any precious metal including gold and platinum.

The trendiest dragon engagement ring designs include ones with "figural" cut stones that take the shape of different styles of dragons (Asian, Russian, Irish, etc), rings shaped like serpentine or winding dragons with their bodies/wings wrapping around the entire finger, action dragons carved into the metal, dragon body parts that stand for the whole dragon (eyes, wings, tail, skull, etc) which may be the body of the ring itself or a central cut gemstone, carvings that include runes or other "ancient" or symbolic languages, and multi-tone rings that bring out the dragon by using two or more different metals.

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