Disney Princess Engagement Rings

Disney Princess Engagement Rings: Ladies, I'm not sure what to make of these rings.......they are beautiful and of course, it captures the essence of the ultimate fairytale......meeting your prince charming and living happily ever after. However, I find grown women who swoon over everything Disney to be a bit unnerving...........(feel free to disagree with me)/ Disney wants to fulfill your fantasy with the The "Kirstie Kelly for Disney by Mouwad" collection of rings that was just unveiled at Bridal Week In New York

Who's your favorite princess? Why do I ask? Because there is a ring for each of the disney princesses who have captured our hearts over the years. The jewelry line features six engagement rings and matching wedding bands all inspired by Disney's famous leading ladies: Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel and Belle . The ring designs reference the personalities of each of the disney sweethearts such as with " pave and millgrain borders, suggestive of Cinderella's ethereal grace and charm, or baguettes and clean lines for Ariel, symbolic of an art deco influence and her bold individuality, The rings fit a variety of budgets, ranging from $3280 to $5160. Here are the prices:

* Jasmine: $5,160 * Sleeping Beauty: $4,960 * Belle: $4,220 * Cinderella: $3,980 * Snow White: $3,580 * Ariel: $3,280

The collection will be available beginning in spring 2010.

I have to admit...the rings are gorgeous! My favorite rings are the Sleeping Beauty, a princess cut ring with channel set diamonds, and Snow White, a round stone with bezel set diamonds. Since I like baguette engagement rings, I also like the Cinderella ring, a large center stone with two side baguettes..

Not only can you have a disney princess engagement ring, but a matching gown to boot. The piece de resistance is a gown honoring princess Tiana, the first African-American disney princess, who appears in The Princess and the Frog, which will appear in theaters in December.. The gown has a bodice made of sil chiffon, a pleated silk skirt, and a waterfall train.

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