Did I get ripped off

by Jeff Howell


I bought a purple sapphire stone that was certified as almost perfect, from the seller. I had a local jeweler set it for our anniversary. The stone I got back does not look like the one I gave him, it has flaws, a big crack, the facet points are chipped, and the cut is wrong. I looked at this stone a lot when I received it, with a 20x loupe and saw nothing like this before I gave him the stone. I m sick, that I think I was ripped off. He tried to explain to me that he did not crack it because it is outside where it would have stressed it due to his setting it. He also told me that the crack was from the person that cut the stone, and it is to straight for it to be a crack. No way it has a zig zag pattern and is on the girtle,(I think thats what he called it) and that we both missed it before it was set. There is no way I could have missed this crack, I looked at it many many times, also there is tiny bubbles that I did not see with the stone I gave him, little alone the chips on the facet points. When I showed it to him the first time he wanted to keep it for a few days to measure it. Is there anything that I can do. I know this is not my stone, I can take the money lost, but not my wife's heart loss. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you

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Jun 11, 2010
I agree...sue.
by: Anonymous

Now this may not be the most economical thing in your favor, however, whomever you bought the stone from should be able to back you up on what was sold to you....
I have had a similar situation and won.
Don't let people like this push you around.

May 16, 2010
sapphire ring issues
by: Anonymous

Hi Jeff,
I would go back to the jeweler again. Tell him that unless he gives you your money back, including the cost of the original stone, that you will file a claim with the better business bureau http://www.bbb.org/ and possibly the Jeweler's ethics association: http://www.jewelersethicsassociation.com/complaint
(the better business bureau is free to consumers while the jeweler's association charges to file a complaint...look into their policies)

If this doesn't resolve the issue, I would take the jeweler to small claims court. Let him know that you will pursue all avenues until the situation has been rectified.....he may them become more cooperative. Hope this helps!

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