Diamonique Engagement Rings: Nobody Will Ever Know Their Not the Real Thing

Diamonique engagement rings sound exotic and mysterious.... in actually, they are a registered trademark belonging to QVC. Diamoniques are really synthetic gemstones otherwise known as cubic zirconias. Because these gemstones are made by man, they can actually outdo nature and provide you flawlessness when it comes to those all important Cs. They are almost as hard as diamonds. Diamonds rate as a 10 on the Mohr's hardness scale whereby diamoniques come in at an 8.5

The rings are set in an array of precious metals including silver, yellow and white gold and platinum. You can basically get any shape diamond you want from traditional round to vintage asscher cut. The rings cost anywhere from around $25 to $350.

Those clucking hens in the office will be oohing and aahing over your diamonique engagement ring, having no idea that the 2 carat zinger costs under 350 bucks or less You could buy 5 diamonique rings and still have spent much less than on the cost of a real diamond engagement ring. You will laugh your head off all the way to the bank.

QVC offers these bad-boys in an array of rainbow colors. You could get a pink pink diamonique Jennifer Lopez engagement ring or a canary yellow Paris Hilton diamonique ring.

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