Want Committment But Not Marriage ? A Diamond Promise Ring May Be the Answer

A diamond promise ring is given to one's significant other for a number of reasons. Often it is a pre-engagement of sorts, intended to show that the relationship is quite serious and is headed towards marriage. However, diamond promise rings can be given for many reasons, ranging from "I love you" to "I promise to be faithful to you." In the hierarchy of jewelry giving, it is typically a step above the first nice piece of jewelry you have given your sweetheart, and a healthy step below an actual engagement ring.

It is up to you to the purchaser of the promise ring to express to their beloved, the appropriate message that the ring represents. And let me emphasize, that you should immediately express that message...like, as you're slipping the ring on her finger, if not before then. God forbid she jumps to the wrong conclusion, such as misinterpreting the diamond promise ring for an engagement ring... you will have a big mess on your hands to clean up. On our third Christmas together, we were celebrating and opening presents with Joel's family. Joel hands me a small, black jewelry box as his family looks on. My mind couldn't help but go there....for a fleeting moment, I thought there was an engagement ring in that box. Not to say that I was disappointed when I opened it up and saw beautiful diamond earrings, but it did take a good five minutes for my heart to stop thumping in my chest. My reaction probably would have been even more extreme should I have opened it up to see a diamond ring of sorts......I would have interpreted it as an engagement ring, unless I had been forewarned or quickly corrected.

Promise rings don't necessarily have to include diamonds, and may feature different gemstones or none at all. If they do include diamonds, the gems are usually well under a carat. Most promise rings sell for a few hundred dollars. A promise ring can be worn on any finger on the left or right hand, although ring fingers are usually preferred by wearers. While more choose to wear the ring on the left ring finger, the right ring finger is becoming increasingly popular, as many find that others are less likely to confuse the promise ring for an engagement ring.

I don't know too many girls who receive promise rings these days. I'm not sure if promise rings are a thing of the past or a lesser-known tradition that only a few indulge in. Whatever the case may be, I'm sure most girls in committed relationships would be happy to receive one.

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