Diamond Nexus Labs: Diamond Simulants Are a Girl's Best Friend

Diamond nexus labs offer you all the look, luxury and glamor of a diamond but without the fancy price tag. Let me put it in layman's terms....they sell you perfectly simulated diamonds... The naked eye can't tell the difference between these gems and the ones that cost 10 times as much. Diamond simulants acutally cut glass and have massive fire and brilliance as well as perfect clarity and color. In other words, you wont get any yellowish, mishaped stones. Nexus labs claims that in almost all measurable tests, their diamond simulants match or are superior to natural diamonds. Most gemologists require scientific testing equipment to tell the difference between diamonds and diamond simulants.

Diamond Nexus Labs jewels are ensconced in 14k white and yellow gold....which means your jewelery isn't going to turn green and leave black marks on your engagement ring finger or worse, make your finger itchy and leave a bright red rash. If you don't see what you like in their vast selection of choices, not too worry...they will custom make the piece that you desire. You can also buy loose stones if you like in every possible shape and size. They have both one and thee ring diamond engagement rings as well as simple and more ornate settings. The engagement rings range in price from $100-$2,000. They also sell bracelets, pendants, earrings, watches, and men's jewelery

Diamond nexus lab sells jewelery that looks very tasteful and classy. You know how sometimes when you spot a faux handbag or faux jewelry, you can tell right off the bat because it looks incredibly gaudy? This concern won't even enter you mind when you see what Diamond nexus is offering. The jewelry looks like you will have spent thousands when you've actually have only spent hundreds. You can then take you massive savings and put it into something that you really need as a couple, like a downpayment for a house. This year, I have actually decided to stop paying insurance on my engagement ring ($150 a year). I figure if anything happens to the ring (and knock on wood that nothing will), I'll replace it with a diamond simulant and no one will be the wiser. In the long run, it will help me save a bundle on the expense of engagement ring insurance. They sell an ascher cut sem-bezel ring that looks very similar to mine with the exception of the price-tag ($545) for theirs (over $5,000) for mine.

I have never purchased anything from Diamond Nexus Lab but they give off the appearance of a company that's got its act together. The detailed website offers andinformation and euducation center where you can learn all about how their diamonds are created. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and offer a secure website for making purchases. They offer an awesome guarantee.....you have thirty days to test out your purchase and decide if you want to keep it for good. There is a lifetime guarantee that if anything should happen to your diamond (fading, discoloration, chipping) they will replace it free of charge. If you lose your diamond because it falls out of the setting, they will replace it for a minimal remounting fee.

We all know that packaging and presentation is important. Diamond Nexus Labs hits the mark with their beautiful cherry wood and royal blue gift boxes and big wrapping bows. The boxes merely say 14k on them and don't have the lab's imprint...making them beautiful to display. Their marketing catalog is just as impressive, with thick pages and tasteful photographs.

If your the kind of person whose conscious keeps you up at night....diamond nexus labs may be right for you. You don't have to worry that your gem came to fruition via child/slave labor or human bloodshed. With simulant diamonds, you don't have to worry that any harm came to anyone involved in the making of your jewelry. No conflict here.

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