Diamond Engagement Rings with Halos

Diamond engagement rings with halos are becoming more and more popular, but what are they and why do people like them so much?


What Are Diamond Engagement Rings With Halos?

I think that it is safe to assume that everyone reading this knows what a diamond is and that they also know what an engagement ring is; therefore, the real question is “what is a halo” in the context of a ring? Well, the simple answer is that it is a term used when the center stone is surrounded by a number of tiny diamonds – therefore creating a halo effect around the centerpiece of the ring. This type of setting means that the stone in diamond engagement rings with halos looks a lot larger, which is great when you are trying to get more bang for your buck!

The other advantage to diamond engagement rings with halos is that they tend to shine a lot brighter than standard diamond engagement rings. This is because the light is refracted from the smaller stones onto the larger one, therefore meaning that there is more light to create that remarkable shine. So, shinier and bigger – could there be a better way to mount a diamond than in a halo?

One common misconception about diamond engagement rings with halos is that the center stone has to be round in shape, which is probably a thought brought on by the fact that people associate halos with being round. This is not the case though, as the stone can be of any shape whatsoever! Granted, the most common shape is round, but there are also square and triangle halo settings often seen as well. The only proviso for diamond engagement rings with halos is that they have to be surrounded by diamonds – the shape doesn’t matter at all!

Why Are Diamond Engagement Rings With Halos So Popular?

The answer to this question is that they simply look stunning! No other ring shines brighter and gets such an amazing reaction from people when they see it – diamond engagement rings with halos are simply the most spectacular rings out there! Something that really backs the popularity of this type of ring up is the fact that they certainly aren’t cheap, yet people still flock to buy them. This proves that they are worth the extra money that people spend on them.

Can I Add a Halo to My Ring?

Adding a halo to an existing diamond ring is something that is absolutely possible, although different jewelers will obviously charge different prices to complete this job. This is why it is extremely important to go around all of the different jewelers in your area and obtain quotes from each of them. There is always somewhere that will be offering a good price, so the leg work of visiting them all will really pay financially! The procedure itself won’t take a huge amount of time and it will add a completely new dimension to your diamond ring.