Diamond Alternative Engagement Rings

Many people are turning to different stones as they look for something different to the traditional diamond, but what are the best diamond alternative engagement rings?


Why Buy Diamond Alternative Engagement Rings?

For a huge number of years now, diamonds have been the stone of choice for engagement rings, with the rich and famous buying the largest ones possible and the rest of us scrimping and saving to be able to afford the perfect diamond engagement ring. More and more people are turning to diamond alternative engagement rings though and this has been brought about by two main reasons – those of price and looks.

When it comes to price, it is common knowledge that there isn’t a lot that is more expensive than a diamond engagement ring. When this is combined with the fact that the world is in the worst economic downturn in a generation, then it is clear to see why people can no longer afford to purchase diamond engagement rings. People don’t stop getting married though or proposing just because of the economy, so this means that they have to find some diamond alternative engagement rings, of which there are a huge number.

The world is becoming more and more individual as well, and people are beginning to want to express their individuality in a number of different ways – including in the design of their engagement ring. For most, this means that they have to move away from the common and traditional diamond and opt for something more unique. Just because a ring doesn’t have a diamond in it, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful – as can be seen by the selections listed below.

What Are Some of the Best Alternatives?

There are a huge number of different alternative to using a diamond in an engagement ring, but none is more beautiful than the emerald; dark green and still resplendent with the kind of reputation that the diamond also possesses. It is true that emeralds are still not cheap, but for those looking for a bit of individuality then they are a great choice when looking for diamond alternative engagement rings. For a cheaper green stone, then many people opt to use peridot or jade instead.

Sapphire is also proving to be popular with people when they are looking for diamond alternative engagement rings – especially as it was part of the ring given to Kate Middleton on her engagement! Perhaps the best thing about sapphires is that they come in a variety of different colors, therefore meaning that there is great scope for personalization. Ruby is actually the same as sapphire in everything but color (ruby is red), so it can also be used just as effectively.

For those that don’t have the money to buy emeralds or sapphires, there are a number of cheaper alternatives. Peridot has already been mentioned, but there is also agate, turquoise and tanzanite, among others. Just taking a look online or in a local jewelers will reveal a huge amount of different options for you to choose from when looking for diamond alternative engagement rings!