De Beers Engagement Rings: Debeers Captivated Women Across the Country with Their Tantalizing Marketing Campaign and Beautiful Diamonds

De Beers engagement rings and diamonds are synonymous with one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever: The De Beers marketing slogan "a diamond is forever." De Beers was brilliant. They convinced millions of couples through clever advertising that eternal love and diamonds go hand-in-hand. Back in the mid 20th centurty, the new medium of the motion picture combined with newly minted movie idols were masterfully

utilized to convey the diamond engagement ring as the ultimate expression of love integral to a romantic courtship. They unofficially got the word out on the street that guys should spend 2-3 months salary on the bling. They even enlisted the Royal British Family to promote their diamonds. They convinced families to hold onto diamonds as heirloom engagement rings. thus restricting the resale market for diamonds.

De Beers was formed at the end of the 19th century by Cecil Rhodes. The company name "De Beers" comes from the last name of the farmers who sold the land where the diamond mines were formed. The Openheimers became major shareholders in the early 20th century. De Beers has been accused of quite a few wrongdoings over the years, to say the least. For example: Having a monopoly over the world diamond supply and unfairly inflating prices; mistreatment of mine workers; bloodshed;

De Beers has since pledged to not trade in conflict diamonds - those originating in war-torn African countries. They have also made philanthropic efforts towards helping improve the lives of miners in Tanzania. Find out more about the long controversial history of De Beers from Wikipedia

As with many high-end designers, you can only buy De Beers engagement rings at their luxuary retail stores. They only have two locations in the U.S. - on Fifth Avenue in New York City and on Rodeo Drive in California. They have a handful of other locations scattered throughout the world in London, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, and Dubai. I have no idea how much their rings cost as their website does not list prices: Usually that means that the rings cost a bundle.

They offer a selection of three stone and solitaire diamonds in simple as well as more embellished settings. Their engagement and wedding bands are made of gold, white-gold and platinum.

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