Custom Made Engagement Ring

by Philip

Hi, I thought this was kind of cool so I'll give it a shot because believe me, I'm in need of advice! I'm wanting to propose soon to my girlfriend, I've considered a lot of thought into the traditional engagement ring at chain retail stores but I'm wanting something a little more unique. I found this little store in town where they sell higher quality jewelry and especially engagement rings.

Here is a picture of the ring I want to get:

Not your typical engagement ring, but the jeweler made it personally and said he would add a mount and add the diamond. The ring is $325, plus the $200 mount. They then quoted me on a diamond for $900. It's a 1/3 carat round cut, and I think she said it was a SI1, G. I fell in love with the ring itself but I'm not too sure about the diamond. Any advice would greatly be appreciated! Thanks.


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Jul 07, 2009
Best engagement rings
by: Anonymous

You can also try few other options like, b2 jewels, zales or can also find good sites on google by only typing Engagement rings or diamond ring.

Nov 02, 2008
Custom Made Engagement Ring
by: Julie

Hi Philip,
Congratulations on gearing yourself up to propose to your girlfriend and doing your ring research. There are pros and cons to going for a custom-made engagement ring. The pros of getting it custom-made are that no one else will have an engagement ring quite like yours. Also, it shows that you put a lot of thought and sentiment into getting the perfect ring for your woman. Plus, it sounds more romantic to say that the ring was purchased at a unique jewelry shop, versus getting the ring at a store like Zales or Kays. I checked out the link that you shared with me and the bands are definitely unique in appearance.

There are a few negatives to consider as well, of a practical nature. Custom-made rings will cost more than those that are mass-produced since there is more workmanship involved. Also, check out what the return/exchange policy is.... typically custom-made rings are hard to return/exchange whereas mass-produced rings typically have a return policy of 1-4 weeks.... this is important in the event that if your girlfriend tends to be more finicky, she may want a different ring,,,,, Other things to look into are whether, they will resize the ring for free if it doesn't fit your girlfriend's finger, and what the store policy is, if the ring were to be damaged accidentally in the future or if the stone were to fall out.

One more thing, the price of the diamond that they are selling you seems a bit high...... check out comparable stones (with same cut, clarity, ratings) on online stores such as Blue Nile or Mondera. While retail stores have to jack up the price of their diamonds due to the expense of having to pay for a brick and mortar location, you are the one who ultimately pays out of your wallet.

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