Cushion Cut Diamonds are Coming Back In-Style. The Antique Style Cut was Commonly Found on Ring Fingers Over a Century Ago.

Cushion cut diamonds were the most popular stone in the past. This is why you will find many at antique stores and estate sales. You could say they were the round diamonds of the past.

The cushion cut diamond was fashioned so that its brilliance would be reflected by candle light versus diamonds nowadays which are cut to be flattering under electric light. Cushion cut diamonds are a combination of an miner cut diamond engagement rings (antique cut with deep facets)and an oval cut. They are also referred to as pillow cut diamonds cuz they kind of have the shape of.....guess what........ a pillow.

The rounded edges and large facets of the cushion cut increase the diamond's depth so that it appears you can look deep into it. The facets highlight the diamond's clarity, something to consider when looking to make a purchase. However, compared to other cuts, the cushion does not reflect as much light as others, hence it as not as sparkly.

Cushion cuts come in a variety of shapes and there are less industry standards as compared with other diamond cuts. For a square shape, look for a length-witdth ratio of around 1. For a rectangular shape look for a length-width ratio greater than 1.15.

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