Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings.......Friend or Foe?

It depends...........

Cubic zirconias are synthetic gemstones created in a laboratory. Cubic zirconia engagement rings are somewhat less sparkly than diamond engagement rings but project more rays of color. While diamonds typically have flaws and impurities, cubic zirconias are typically flawless. CZs are approximately 70% heavier than diamonds but are also softer and more brittle. Like diamonds, CZs come in a variety of colors. This happens when oxides such as titanium, iron, nickel, etc. are added during the CZ synthesis process.

Cubic zirconia production took of in the 70's, with advancements in the process of growing the crystals in the laboratory. CZ became a household name when Swarovski & Co. began producing these beauties for mass consumption.

The average joe could not distinguish well-designed cubic zirconia engagement rings from authentic diamond engagment rings. It takes a well-trained eye and/or a microscope and additional fancy tools to differentiate quality czs from the ice. Perhaps this combined with the price explains why cubic zirconias continue to rule the diamond simulant market. A cubic zirconia ring may be appropriate for couples who do not feel as though they have the money for an authentic diamond engagement ring but want to get married nonetheless. In addition, some couples may be able to afford an authentic diamond engagement ring, but prefer to spend money elsewhere and hence, a cubic zirconia will do just fine. One option for couples on a tight budget is to mix in cubic zirconias with real stones and precious metals. For example, the ring metal could be white gold, the center stone could be a cubic zirconia, and the side stones could be small rubies.

A good place to check out cubic zirconias is at Ziamond.

If you are going to go the CZ route, it is best to discuss this with your woman in advance. By all means, do not try to pass off a CZ as a real diamond to your potential spouse!!!!! If you do this, I have serious concerns for your safety! God forbid, she tries to get it insured or has it independently appraised years later and finds out the will probably need to go into hiding. And above don't want to start out your lives together based on a lie!!

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