Conflict Diamonds Vs. Cubic Zirconiaas Engagement Rings?

by Mike
(New Zealand)

My girlfriend has expressed that she doesn't want a diamond ring due to issues with blood diamonds. Where can I find a good selection of non-diamond wedding rings? What advice can you provide for selecting a non-diamond ring since it's harder to add "character" to the ring and not have it be too plain. Please advise. Thank!

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Mar 02, 2009
Conflict Diamonds vs. Cubic Zirconias
by: Anonymous

Hi Mike,
Sounds like your girlfriend is a very conscientious and ethical, although it makes your job a bit tougher in finding the right ring for her. Fortunately, there are many options:

Just so you know, there are quite a few jewelers/jewelry companies who have publicly stated that they take many precautions to avoid dealing in conflict-free diamonds...yet one can never be 100% sure. However, Canadian diamonds are said to be conflict/bloodshed-free as they come straight from Canadian diamond mines and must adhere to strict regulations. Go to this website if you are interested in finding out more about Canadian conflict-free diamonds:

There are diamond look-a-likes which are man-made and hence, conflict-free. They are otherwise known as Cubic Zirconias. High quality Czs are identical in appearance to diamonds although are 1.8x heavier in weight. Check out Ziamond or Diamonique on the web for higher quality Czs set in gold and white gold.

Another idea is that you could go the gemstone route which is becoming increasingly popular. You could use your girlfriend's favorite gemstone (i.e. ruby or emerald) or her birthstone for the engagement ring. Princess Diana wore a huge blue sapphire engagement ring. Or, you could also buy her thick band akin in appearance to a wedding band, speckled with a variety of gemstones.

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