Color vs. Clarity with Engagement Ring Purchase?

by Lori

I am finding diamonds that either have a very good clarity grading and a less than great color grading, OR very good color, but not great clarity grading. I am wondering which would be best….if my main concern is how the diamond looks on my finger, how it sparkles, etc., is color more important than clarity. Of course I want a diamond that is at least eye clean….I would be devastated if I or anyone else noticed a blemish of some kind! Obviously, a diamond with both a good clarity and color grading would be preferable, but also reflected in the price. I welcome your insight. Lori

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Mar 02, 2009
Color vs. Clarity
by: Anonymous

Hi Lori,
When considering cut and clarity, you may want to think about what is actually visible to the naked eye:

VVs, Vs and Si inclusions are not visible to the naked eye, they are only visible through magnification.

Colors E and F have no detectable color to the naked eye and they fall into the Colorless category. Diamonds in the G to J color range have a hint of body color and are considered Near Colorless. The eye begins to detect faint traces of yellow in diamonds that are in the J to M range.

When thinking about the sparkle factor, you also want to consider the shape....the round brilliant diamond will give you the most sparkle out of all of the's probably why it's the most popular of all shapes. (However, other shapes at the same carat weight, may appear less sparkly, but will look like a bigger diamond)

Check out this insightful article on which of the Cs to focus on when trying to get the most diamond for your dollar:

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