Cleaning Your Engagement Ring Bling is Easier Than You Think

Without cleaning your engagement ring every now and then, it’s gonna get a bit grungy and not sparkle as brilliantly…not such a good look for the eternal symbol of your undying love to your partner. One of the best ways to keep it clean is prevention. If you’re about to engage in some heavy duty housecleaning, gardening, painting, etc., remove your ring and put it in a safe place. Here’s one mistake I made: Putting on self-tanner with my ring on.

It corroded the rhodium plating of the white gold band of my engagement ring and I had to bring it in to the jeweler’s to get it re-plated. Unfortunately, since the self-tanning mishap took place two days prior to my wedding, my ring was not in tip top shape during the ceremony and reception. Oh well, live and learn.

Here are the simple steps to follow when cleaning your ring. You may need to clean your ring on a monthly basis or even more frequently to keep it shiny and radiant. If you are cleaning your diamond over your bathroom sink, make sure the drain is plugged and you grip onto the ring tightly. Divorce proceedings may be discussed if one of you inadvertently drops the ring down the drain.

Step 1: Let the ring soak in water to remove or soften debris and dirt

Step 2: Apply special jewelry cleaner formulated for cleaning diamonds (can be purchased from walmart, target, jewelry stor, etc.)

Step 3: Always use a soft bristle brush to clean the diamond and ring. Never use any sharp objects such as needles to remove dirt. This may scratch your diamond. Some jewelry cleaners are sold with a soft bristle included…you may want to look into this.

Step 4: Rinse until all cleaning solution is removed and then polish the ring with a clean cloth until it is dry.

Step 5: If the ring still appears dirty, repeat the process and if still not clean, take it into the shop.

Not all diamonds should be cleaned with your own paws. If your diamond is an antique, you may want to bypass trying to clean it on your own as they can be very delicate. Same rule applies of you’re engagement ring has gemstone accents. In particular, Pearl engagement rings are very soft and must be cleaned very carefully to avoid scratching them. Also, treated diamonds can be damaged or discolored by certain chemicals so take these suckers into the shop

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