What Would Jesus Do? Christian Wedding Bands

Christian wedding bands are an ongoing reminder of your commitment to love and cherish each other and to honor God with the blessings and sanctity of your marriage. Simple bands began to be exchanged during Christian ceremonies as early as 870 A.D.

Christian bands emphasize the spiritual nature of your vows and the role that God and religion will play as you grow together as a married couple

Christian wedding bands are often simple in appearance as the Bible warns against flashy jewelry as a sign of vanity. A simple band is in line with the teachings of the Bible, which recommend simplicity in lifestyle. Often times Christian Wedding Bands are machine or

hand engraved wedding rings with passages of Scripture on the inside of the band. You can choose from scripture verses related to love and marriage, or choose the Bible verse that has the most meaning to you and your spouse.

On the outside of the band, Christian wedding bands have designs such us:

- Doves- Fish outlines- Thorns- Crosses- Footprints- Religious phrases

To emphasize the religious significance of the wedding bands, many Christian couples include a simple ring blessing as part of their wedding ceremony. The ring blessing may make mention of how the rings connects the couple to each other and to God.Christian wedding bands may not be available at your local mall. They are most easily found online at various retailers such as Christian-Jewelers.com.

Keep in mind that you do not need a Christain wedding band to have a strong Christian marriage. No matter the ring style, if a couple commits themselves to a Christian marriage than everything else will fall into place.

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